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Dr. Joseph Schneider is serving for Brain injury patients in Chadds Ford and the surrounding area and beyond. Our team at Hope Brain & Body Recovery Center are committed to recover from brain injury such as concussion/ Stroke/ mTBI to Alzheimer's, Dementia, MS, and Parkinson's to ADHD/ADD, Autism and Asperger's.

We understand, from personal experience, the struggles of brain injury and neurological damage but also the potential for recovery with the right treatment over time. Memory, focus, balance, coordination, reading skills, and emotional stability are not things that that you have lost for good. 

At your first visit to Hope Brain & Body Recovery Center, Dr. Joseph Schneider will explain how our approach works and give you a full evaluation to see if our  solutions are a good fit to address your needs. If there is a good fit, we can customize a plan of care for your conditions.

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Dr. Joseph Schneider, DC,DACNB 
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  • Dr. Joe

    Promoting Optimal Brain Heallth

    Dr. Schneider earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Physics from St. Joseph's University and graduated Magma Cum Laude from New York Chiropractic College.

    His post graduate education in neurology was conducted at the Carrick Institute, allowing him to obtain a diploma from American Chiropractic Neurology Board.

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Patient Reviews

Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

Hope Brain & Body recovery Center Testimonial:

In a moment my life changed when I sustained a head injury where I suddenly went from a thriving professional to a person who spent most days tying to survive. With countless changes in my ability to socialize, problem solve, work, suddenly dealing with anxiety issues, balance problems as well as consistent pain, I spent most days depressed and shuttling to countless doctor offices and therapies with limited results. As I attended a group therapy for concussion and TBI patients, I first encountered Dr. Schneider and Dr. Link who were guest speakers. As they described what symptoms they could improve or eradicate, explained their processes and the life changing results – I knew I had to find out more. With some hesitancy I met with doctors for a consult and diagnosis, my hesitancy came from hearing from so many doctors there was no more options other than medications and time. Within an hour, Dr. Schneider and Dr. Link proposed a customized plan of care that included what I could expect, addressed symptoms that I had not voiced to either Drs but that they understood were connected to my injuries and compassionately gave me Hope. I started my care plan immediately, within one week, I had dramatic results – the greatest being the lift of the fogginess that I felt at all times.

Very Quickly the pain in my neck, shoulder, and other areas subsided, my anxiety decreased and eventually became minimal and I saw an overall improvement in my life to my near normal. I could laugh again, joke again, focus, problem solve and start working again. Within 12 weeks of care, I stood taller, felt whole and had eradicated many of the symptoms and injuries I had sustained – all without medications. I cannot say enough for the care, compassion and determination to help their patients of the doctors and their staff. Every doctor and therapist I had been working with prior to becoming a patient of Hope Brain & Body Recovery Center has been amazed with my quick progress and the sense of self I have regained, so much so that every one of them has asked for information so they may send other patients to see Dr. Schneider and Dr. Link. Today I can say with appreciation and thanks for Hope Brain & Body Recovery Center that I am no longer just surviving but now again thriving.


From a courageous patient from PA

From a courageous patient from PA

I have been suffering headache, lower back pain, brain fog, mood swings, insomnia and more.

I went one specialist to another specialist and another specialist for 5 years because they couldn't figure out my core problems. From numerous blood tests to multiple MRIs including brain MRIs, I diagnosed minor spinal stenosis, severe balance issues and anxiety.

When I decided to have the 10 days of the intensive program with Dr. Schneider, I didn't expect too much since I had been several chiropractors and specialists already. They couldn't help me much.

To my surprise, he diagnosed my issues when he examined me within 2 hours – it took 5 years to get the right diagnosis with multiple tests, and, he customized the program for my needs.

The first day and second day were really hard for me. I was really skeptical. After 3rd day, I felt little bit better, and felt something different. I noticed that I walked more straight, and I felt my body more.

When I got home after the program, my daughter noticed right away that I got taller, and I had more hair (hair loss was one of my problems). My coworker thought I had facial surgery that I looked younger and vibrant, and my back pain is gone. I feel more easy and calm, and my focus has been 100% better. I do not need any medication or supplement for sleep.

I feel that I am totally a new person.

This wouldn't happen without Dr. Schneider's help.

Bona / S. Korea

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