Conditions Treated

Case study (Call the patient M)

M was a star athlete and excelled in school. He scored in the top 10% in school year after year as shown by his grades and statewide standardized testing.

M loved playing hockey. He played street hockey for hours and had a goal or net at the end of his driveway so all the neighborhood kids could come and play. He was strong, always had a wide smile on his face. He played in ice hockey leagues and was one of best players.

His father played hockey in men’s leagues and they both loved to skate. It was a sport they both loved together and it brought them closer

When his concussion happened he wasn’t diagnosed with Mild Brain Injury. His symptoms came on slowly, It started with migraine headaches and since his mother suffered from them his family and Doctors assumed that he just inherited them.

The headaches became so severe he was unable to get out of bed in the morning. Once he was dragged out of bed by his father and mother he would take an hour in the bathroom getting ready and then he would lock himself in for another hour because he didn’t want to go. If he went to school he couldn’t focus or pay attention. He always left early from school, it was either not showing or going late around 11 A.M. and home early. Back to bed and starting this routine every day. His parents were hopeless and extreme anxiety permeated their home.

Frustration with no results with medical treatment reached his height 6 months into his migraine episodes. Oral Medications weren’t working and 2 Day intravenous medications had little effect.

The family was devastated, the parents argued constantly about the best course of action, where and to whom they would consult to get help.

Was M depressed and, lazy, or just truant. Were his Headaches real ?

I consulted on the case 6 months after the headaches started and after my Brain Scan( examination) it was my opinion that M suffered from Post Concussive syndrome and recommended he begin my treatment immediately. The parent were not convinced. Then a medical professional agreed with my diagnosis, and they still decided to go the medical route. His medical professional thought I was voodoo and a witch doctor. It would be another year before I would see M again, he was starting his sophomore year in high school and his parents feared he would not finish high school and get his life back.

It is hard to explain what it feels like to see the anguish of parents who lost hope that their child will ever function normally again, finish high school with other kids, go to college, get a job, have a family and enjoy life.

They agreed for M to start a program of brain recovery with me, after an assessment or my brain scan we were able to start the process of getting his brain to function again. Six months of Hurt brain recovery , three times a week he began to function better with progressively decreased headaches.

He started to work out with weights in his garage every night and get strong again and lose eighty pounds he had gained. His school helped him catch up with his high school class and he graduated on time.

Today the happy forever is M is an amazing young man who is studying in college to be a corporate health consultant. He works as a personal trainer and that infectious smile is bigger than ever.

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