Diagnostic Assesment


CAPS (Comprehensive Assessment of Postural Systems) is a specialized piece of diagnostic equipment designed for measurement of an individual’s posture and balance. There are three main systems that allow your brain to process where you are in space: your eyes, your inner ears (vestibular system), and your muscles/joints. CAPS allows us to test your balance on a solid and foam surface with your eyes open, and eyes closed to measure these systems and allow the clinicians to determine where the results relate to your symptoms, or how it can affect your overall performance and well-being. For more information on CAPS, such as research and applications, please visit their website at https://www.vestibtech.com.


Righteye is a diagnostic tool utilized in the measurement of eye movements. The test measures smooth eye movements (pursuits), fast eye movements (saccades), along with reading comprehension, depth perception, and reaction time. The clinical staff understands the importance of eye movements, and how they are a highly specific measure of brain health, and RightEye allows the clinicians to better see these measurements. For more information on RightEye, please visit their website at https://righteye.com.


QEEG, which stands for Quantitative Electroencephlograph, measure the electricity emitted from your brain in the four types in brain waves, sometimes referred to as frequency bands. The measurement of these brain waves allow the clinicians to determine what parts of your brain are functioning too high, and which areas are underperforming, and how we can help you perform and feel your best. Once this test is performed, the clinicians may prescribe neurofeedback as part of your individualized therapy. Here you may watch a video, or listen to music while the biofeedback system alters your brainwave activity to help your brain become more balanced and efficient. For more information on QEEG and neurofeedback, and the system we use here at our clinic, please visit https://braincoretherapy.com/.

Low Level Light Therapy (Cold Laser)

Our clinic utilizes Erchonia lasers (Shown FX 635) for the reduction of inflammation, increased cellular energy output, as well as in pain management. Laser therapy has been demonstrated to reduce inflammation after surgery or injury, decrease healing times for wounds/scar tissue, and improve range of motion when paired with other neuromuscular therapies. For more information on the low-level lasers utilized in our clinic, please visit https://www.erchonia.com.

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