Sports Chiropractic in Chadds Ford, PA

Athletic injuries are among the most common reasons that a patient seeks chiropractic care. Whether a patient is a recreational sports participant or a professional athlete, a chiropractor can provide a specialized care plan designed to stimulate the body's natural healing ability, optimize health and prevent further injury.

Chadds Ford Chiropractor, Dr. Joe routinely care for muscle strains and tears, joint sprains, dislocations, subluxations (which are misalignments of the spine), muscle imbalances and soft tissue trauma. In many cases, a Dr. Joe can target the cause of these problems, improving a patient's biomechanical and neuromuscular function. Chiropractic care can help the patient avoid more invasive, expensive options while returning to or maintaining top form, with the ultimate goal of enhancing athletic performance.

Management Care options:

Corrective Exercises for Pain relief

A continuing care plan may be recommended to ensure long-lasting benefits.

Research has shown significant functional improvement and shorter recovery time when therapeutic exercises are performed in addition to chiropractic treatment.

The objective of Corrective Exercise is to identify movement and posture imbalances as well as joint limitations to develop a program to correct them. The emphasis is on movements designed to create stability, balance, and/or mobility in areas that are not functioning properly.

The noninvasive approach to rehabilitation covers a full health assessment and tracks progress along the way to adjust any changes in treatment.

Active Release Techniques

This chiropractic method is a movement-based massage technique designed to care for overuse injuries of the muscles and soft tissues. Overuse injuries can cause tissue to become thickened and scarred, and can cause muscles to become shortened and weak. Active Release can improve range of motion and help patients regain strength.

Dr. Joe uses a series of specific movements to identify and correct problems of the muscles and soft tissues. Patient may be asked to perform specific motions during the procedure. These motions are designed to release the thickened scar tissue that has built up over time. An Active Release session can stimulate circulation and relieve tension and tenderness in problem areas, restoring normal function to the muscles an joint

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