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Chiropractic functional neurology is a quickly-growing field of rehabilitation and therapeutic care. It builds on the ideas that our brains never truly lose their plasticity and can be trained to develop new neural pathways through specific training and stimulation. Keeping this in mind, and with the proper tools and methods available, a functional neurologist can help patients recover cognitive losses, emotional imbalances, and loss of physical function resulting from concussions, traumatic brain injuries, dementia, autism, strokes, and other neurological conditions.

                At Hope Brain and Body Recovery Center, Dr. Joseph Schneider and a dedicated team are committed to capable and intensive functional neurology care. We understand, from personal experience, the struggles of neurological damage but also the potential for recovery with the right treatment over time. Memory, focus, balance, coordination, reading skills, and emotional stability are not things that that you have lost for good. We can help bring them back with a treatment plan that identifies and understands your particular needs and deliberately stimulates and encourages neurological growth by a unique series of therapies.

DO NOT INCLUDE YET:    Rome was not built in a day and a brain is not healed overnight – treatment may take time. But with the possibility of recovery and a treatment plan that builds on regular improvement, we can give you back the hope of a better future.

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